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Episode 2 - RISK ONE - English Version - Parts 1 and 2



File X1502: RISK ONE   

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- Version Française -
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This story is a fiction

Any resemblance to real or existing people

or situations that have existed or are real

would be pure coïncidence

 Part 1 :  CONTACT

 Summary of previous part: Alexandre AVEN, agent of the DPSD, the Protection and Security Service of the French National Defense, leaves for the Middle East to track down a man, Abu KALI, suspected of wanting to create a terrorist cell in FRANCE.

One man knows where he is, the Saudi Prince Kalil Al FAREN, but he doesn't want to tell. However, he has organized a car race.

Alexanre AVEN asks one of his friends who is participating to lend him his racing car...


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