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Episode 10 - SALA - English Version - Part 5


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- Version Française -
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This story is a fiction

Any resemblance to real or existing people

or situations that have existed or are real

would be pure coïncidence

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 Part 5 : PURSUIT
Summary of previous part: Captain Alexandre AVEN succeeds in meeting the general manager of the American armament company "OTOMATIC Corp" thanks to a former colleague of MARAL Insurance.

After a visit of the research center, Alexandre informs him that an engineer died in France who was working on similar studies...

A few minutes later, the director of OTOMATIC Corp summons Peter COOPERS, the suspect in the death of this engineer and who works for him. This one explains to him that indeed, while wanting to steal his research, the man died... Mad with anger, the director tells him to disappear until this story is forgotten...

In the meantime, the international warrant of investigation was delivered by INTERPOL to hear Peter COOPERS and two FBI agents are present to take him to their offices in SAN FRANCISCO.

When Peter COOPERS leaves the building, instead of following them, he runs away...









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