vendredi 9 décembre 2022

Episode 16 - BALKANS TRAFIC - English Version - Part 4

    - English Version -

This story is fiction.

Character names and facts are fictitious.

Any resemblance to actual or actual persons or situations is purely coincidental.

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(Sorry if there are errors in the meaning, word or verb of the expressions). 

- Version Française -
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Summary of the first part: The suspect tanker truck parked in a yard of a disused factory...

Jurgen ADENOER launched a discreet drone to observe the individuals who are around. Quickly, two vans arrive...

Two wanted and watched persons are identified: Vladimir VAPATROVITCH, member of a Russian gang which works in various traffics in the Nordic countries, Germany and the Eastern countries, and Ali MARTIN, a Frenchman on file for Islamist links...

Assault rifles start to be extracted from inside the tank where they were hidden...

Jurgen ADENOER launches the operation to arrest all the people present...








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